Scagliola inlay with decorative patterns


ScagliolaCRAFT company is devoted in the field of the unique art of Scagliola – stucco-marble.

We undertake the manufacture and installation of Scagliola projects, constructions or objects. Furthermore, we undertake the restoration or reconstruction of older Scagliola projects. Also, the company works with other rare techniques like gilding on gypsum or on Scagliola. Finally, we cooperate with the parent company A.Grapsas and undertake entirely the manufacture, installation or restoration of projects with gypsum and cement.

The company was founded in 2000 by Dimitris Grapsas, an architect engineer, and has its headquarters in Athens. Since then, the company presents a large number of projects in Greece and abroad. ScagliolaCRAFT is constituted by the most skillful staff which has great experience, excellent knowledge of the technique and creative imagination.

There is a large variety of applications of the Scagliola artifacts, beginning with classical proposals and carrying on, with more modern ones, which deliver today’s modern taste. These applications are based on the use of original and innovative materials.

Scagliola’s technique, using natural components, manages apart from rendering perfectly marbles and other stones, to create original suggestions of creation and decoration.

The creative team of our company, having a great experience and artistic qualification, presents a large number of admirable projects. Furthermore, the team is always glad to create and pioneer depending on the uniqueness of every project and on our customers’ preferences.