Scagliola columns with Corinthian and Ionic capitals


  • ScagliolaCRAFT company undertakes the manufacture and installation of new Scagliola – stucco-marble creations and projects. We also undertake the restoration and reconstruction of older Scagliola creations and projects.
  • Apart from the construction sector, we create Scagliola objects which constitute an alternative and particular suggestion for the decoration of residences or hotels.
  • Furthermore, Scagliola creations are a suggestion for commonly used objects or furniture, for which the customer would like something particular and resistant at the same time.
  • We also use other classical techniques like gilding, oil-painting and patinas on gypsum or on Scagliola.
  • Finally, our company is active in the sector of gypsum’s decorations and constructions, dry wall systems, undertaking entire construction projects with gypsum and cement or decorative sculptures or objects of gypsum.

Due to the plasticity of the material and the wide range of colors’ options, Scagliola gives us infinitive choices of creation and is applied into sculptures, columns, bathrooms, tables, fireplaces, candelabras, vases, mirrors etc.

Our creative team is able to find solutions depending on the kind and the needs of each project: private residences, luxurious hotels and yachts, historical and public buildings, conservation or reconstruction of older Scagliola projects etc.